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None of the companies mentioned above had any influence on any text written on this page. But the excellent service these companies gave me during my holiday is something I want to be mentioned.


Bike Iceland 2000

A couple of years ago I went to Iceland (with my family) by car, I always wanted to go back but instead of a car with a bike. A bike-trip through Iceland. For a few years, that idea, was only a kind of a dream. But time is running. I started to make a bike-trip from Holland to Norway. Besides the bad weather (wind, pretty cold days) I enjoyed the trip. Actually I didn't get any punctures. Perhaps that's the experience I'm looking for (guess not). So I finally decide to go to Iceland. It's a journey that asks some preparations.

These preparations and a travel report are on this site. (once in the plane the preparation page won't be changed). The answer to see If things worked out well is something you can find in the travel report.

Introducing each other

I'm not going on my own. I couldn't get my friends as stupid, so I'm traveling with my sister, Dagmar (28). I'm 23. Both persons are studying at the university of Groningen. The bike-syndrome is keeping us busy for three years now. I'm biking on a Specialized Rockhopper, she a Giant Escaper. Both bikes cost around € 750. (NLG 1600). The Specialized and the Giant kept us satisfied in previous bike holidays. The Giant had the advantage that it was prepared to carry low-riders (holes in the fork). Both of the bikes don't have suspension. To set up a luggage-carrier (on the rear) is something everybody should be able to do. The front and rear carriers are fundamental for a decent bike-trip. To store the luggage (and be sure that we got a lot) we used AGU bags (rear) and comparatively cheap free-riders on the front. Both bags are not waterproof, so the yellow raincovers (In Holland they are available nearly any bikeshop) aren't just luxury. For people who care a lot about there belongings, the yellow raincovers also protects against fading of the original color.

These products mentioned above, were already in our possession and seem to be suitable for a holiday to Iceland. The products that we buy for this trip can be find on the preparation page. The prices on the price page (both in the left window)